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Founded in 2004 by Kassie Rempel, SimplySoles is a community of like-minded women who obsessed over shoes. The premiere shoe catalog and online boutique, we offer a curated collection from the best designers for the footwear fashionista.

SimplySoles was created with the idea that beautifully designed and expertly crafted shoes exist, but the stores showcasing them are hard-to-find or difficult to get to. So we wanted to bring these wonderful products to you directly, in the convenience of your own home, either via our catalog or our website.

We suspect that some of you may be wary of purchasing shoes, (of all things!), without trying them on. We understand your concern since the fit and comfort of a shoe is equally as important (to some of us) as the design. But if you see someting you like, we encourage you to give the shoes a try and order them by phone or by placing an order on this website.

You can always return them if they don’t meet or exceed your expectations. And if you want to try a different size or different pair instead, we’ll ship you a replacement for free. We want to make you a happy, repeat customer as much as we want your feet to be beautifully adorned.

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