Les Néréides

Twilight Desert Multicolor Bird on Faceted Glass and Little Branches Signet Ring

The violet shadow of twilight rubs shoulders with the transparency of dawn, where the sun, moon and stars sit side by side in the same sky. The light is like no other and subtlety brings a certain softness to the scene. At the foot of the mountains covered in green and purple foliage, cactuses exploding with intoxicating flowers, outline a desert imbued with exoticism. The vegetation rustles and undulates in the Mexican breeze, inhabited by multi-coloured birds, gerbils and tenebrous scorpions.
  • Hand enamelled brass, faceted glass, reconstituted stone, rhinestones, fantasy beads, 14k gold plated brass chains
  • 1,7cm * 1cm * 1,5cm
AGDC605 AGDC605/11 AGDC605/12 AGDC605/13 AGDC605/14
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