Les Néréides Women’s Alphabet Fleuri Necklace in D

Les Néréides

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This very personal jewelry collection is a customer favorite and best seller due to it's classic and timeless beauty.  The Blossom Alphabet Fleuri Initial Necklace is a perfect gift for any occasion or holiday as the necklace symbolizes a name, letter, or initial that we love. Each initial is uniquely adorned with floral details from the garden of love. 

  • goldplated brass, enamel, faceted glass, rhinestones
  • 40 cm x 5 cm
VAL326- VAL301/1 VAL302/1 VAL303/1 VAL304/1 VAL305/1 VAL306/1 VAL307/1 VAL308/1 VAL309/1 VAL310/1 VAL311/1 VAL312/1 VAL313/1 VAL314/1 VAL315/1 VAL316/1 VAL317/1 VAL318/1 VAL319/1 VAL320/1 VAL321/1 VAL322/1 VAL323/1 VAL324/1 VAL325/1 VAL326/1