Les Néréides Women’s Japanese emperor butterfly and cherry blossom adjustable ring in Multicolore

Les Néréides

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Discover this attractive statement ring with its colourful butterfly and small Japanese cherry blossom. Adjustable, this hand jewellery comes from the Hanami collection, Dazzling Discretion, which is inspired by the revered Japanese tree. La Maison les Néréides invites you to this aerial ballet where golden chains, silk petals and colourful butterflies flourish. Let yourself be charmed by a poetic spring with the women's jewellery sets, Hanami, Dazzling Discretion and In the Breeze.

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Gold-plated brass, cherry blossom bouquets in hand-enamelled gold-plated metal, multicolored Sasakia Charonda Japanese national butterfly, watermelon tourmaline imitation in emerald cut faceted glass